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BenchWarmers DVD Magazine is a platform for independent artists and musicians, produced by Tane at The first volume was released in January 2005 featuring music from North Carolina artists Maintane, Living Dead, and more; all graffiti footage was provided by Tane and Joe Schmo. BenchWarmers is now in its 9th volume (released December 2009), with an expanded concept and increased scope of musicians, artists, and customers.

Volumes 1 and 2 were produced from the NodCraft home office, followed by partial outsourcing of replication for Volumes 3–5, and finally a fully packaged, commercial product in Volumes 6–9. Joe Schmo and Tane still provide graffiti footage, but others such as 14-2-1,, Atlanta Bench, Sone1, FR8Man, Justin Porter, and The Savage Land have joined in. For Volume 6, Crow provided footage for a tribute to fallen artist HEIST. The art concept has also expanded, with an animated film, "King Rust," by Matt Maloney featured in Volume 6, productions from Better Days and Agency Films in Volume 7, and short films by Patrick Boivin in Volume 8. Even the cover art has gone national, with five covers designed by Lee Wilkie who has created for Akademiks, G-Unit, and others.

The rise of BenchWarmers DVD Magazine also shows in its music. Maintane continues to provide music production, while Volume 3 brought the addition of West coast musicians 26Hrz and Cawzlos. The list of national and international artists has grown (Awol One, DJ Pain1, Qwel (Typical Cats), Circus, Coot Dog featuring Shock G, Okwerdz, RA the Rugged Man, Bukue One, Alumni featuring Chino XL, Fall Guys, Reakt 20, Mr. Invisible, J-Live, Tim Barry), and many of them have made repeat appearances in multiple volumes of BenchWarmers. Still BenchWarmers remains true to its roots concept, including musicians from North Carolina and the Southeast such as Living Dead, Juan Huevos, Wolly Vinyl, Odd Numbers, Pens and Needles, Diablo Archer, Ironfist, PUNR, and Foulmouth Jerk featuring Masta Ace.

The interviews in BenchWarmers capture graffiti writers and musicians on film, in action and in their own voices: SICR (MOMS, LED), JOME (NSF, RTD), STEL (Losers, Slum Lords), NOIR (Losers, TSL, 123GO), GYSER (MOMS), Buz Blurr, and CAP (MPC); Wolly Vinyl (at the time, the Southeast’s Scribble Jam representative), RA the Rugged Man, J-Live, and DJ Vadim.


Vol 1 – Jan 2005

  • Footage from Tane and Joe Schmo
  • Music from Maintane, Spitune, Living Dead, DJ Notik1
  • Feature on Jon G
  • Cover design by Bruce Mark

Vol 2 – Apr 2005

  • Footage from Tane and Joe Schmo, including live night footage
  • Music produced entirely by Maintane
  • Phat Gravity Crew b-boy battle
  • Hermdog photography
  • Cover design by Lee Wilkie

Vol 3 – July 2005

  • Footage from Tane, Joe Schmo, NSW
  • Music from Maintane, 26Hrz, and Diablo Archer
  • Interview with SICR (MOMS, LED)
  • MOMS production wall
  • Yo-yo feature
  • Cover design by Lee Wilkie

Vol 4 – Oct 2005

  • Footage from Tane and Joe Schmo
  • Music from Maintane, 26Hrz, Staj-Prezence, Wolly Vinyl
  • Interviews with JOME (NSF, RTO) and Wolly Vinyl
  • Cover design by Lee Wilkie

Vol 5 – May 2006

  • Footage from Tane, Joe Schmo, and
  • Music from Awol One, 26Hrz, DJ Pain1 featuring MC Starr, Okwerdz, Pens and Needles, Ironfist, The Cawz, and PUNR
  • Interview with STEL (Losers, Slum Lords) and NOIR (Losers, TSL, 123GO)
  • Feature on "No Hand King" Rodney Hines
  • Cover design by Lee Wilkie

Vol 6 – Jan 2007

  • Footage from Tane and Joe Schmo
  • Tribute to HEIST (photos provided by Crow)
  • Music from Qwel (Typical Cats), Circus, Living Dead, 26Hrz, Cawzlos, Coot Dog featuring Shock G, Odd Numbers, Wolly Vinyl, DJ Pain1
  • Interview with DJ Vadim, including footage from performance with Yarah Bravo and BluRum13
  • Short film: King Rust by Matt Maloney
  • Cover design by Lee Wilkie

Vol 7 – Oct 2007

  • Footage from Tane, Joe Schmo, Sone1, and Agency Films
  • Music from RA the Rugged Man, Bukue One, Foulmouth Jerk featuring Masta Ace, 26Hrz, DJ Pain1, Fall Guys, Reakt 20, Alumni featuring Chino XL, Mr. Invisible
  • Agency Films production: Erwin Ride
  • Music videos from the Shape Shifters and Awol One
  • Interview with GYSER (MOMS)
  • Better Days feature: 15 Minutes of Fame
  • Cover design by Notik1

Vol 8 – Sept 2008

  • Interviews with J-Live and Buz Blurr
  • Footage from Tane, Joe Schmo, Atlanta Bench, 14 2 1, FR8Man, and Agency Films
  • Short films from Patrick Boivin
  • Music from 26Hrz/Cawzlos, Juan Huevos, Dope Sandwich, J-Live, and DJ Pain1/Fall Guys
  • Cover design by Tane

Vol 9 – Dec 2009

  • All Freights issues
  • Footage from Tane, 14-2-1, The Savage Land, and Justin Porter
  • Music from Tim Barry, DJ Pain1, Juan Huevos, Subtitle, Matte Black Editions, Briefcase Rockers, King Hell Bastard, and Maintane
  • Cover design by Tane