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Bend can also refer to:

Engineering and construction[edit]

  • Bending, the deformation of an object due to an applied load
  • Bend, a curvature in a pipe, tube, or pipeline (see bend radius)
  • Bend knot, a general term for a knot used to tie two ropes together




Other uses[edit]

  • Bend Elks, baseball team located in Bend, Oregon
  • Bend (heraldry), a colored band that runs from the upper left (as seen by the viewer) corner of the shield to the lower right
  • Decompression sickness, commonly "the bends"
  • Bend, Not Break, a 2012 memoir by Ping Fu and MeiMei Fox
  • bend, an inspired, fitness apparel brand featuring an eco-friendly, bamboo fabric (

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