Bend Elks

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Bend Elks
Wildfire sunset during an Elks home game, Bend at bat
League West Coast League (South)
Location Oregon Bend, Oregon
Ballpark Vince Genna Stadium
Logo design
Bend Elks logo.gif
2014 season 31-23
Ownership John and Tami Marick
Manager Marty Hunter

The Bend Elks are an amateur baseball team from Bend, Oregon.

The team is a founding member of the wooden-bat West Coast League, a collegiate summer baseball league in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia that began play in 2005. The Elks play their home games at Vince Genna Stadium.[1] The team began play in 2000,[2] and holds most of the league attendance records.[3] In 2010 the Elks made the final round of the WCL playoffs for the first time, and set the highest in-league attendance in history.[4] In 2011 the Elks again set the attendance record, besting their earlier record partway through the season.[5] The Elks made it to the WCL playoffs in the 2014 season but lot to their division rivals, the Corvallis Knights.

The Elks' most notable alumnus is current New York Yankees outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury, who played for the team in the summer of 2002.



Jim and MaryAnn Richards founded the Bend Elks Baseball Club in 2000. They were able to save the Vince Genna Stadium and continue providing baseball to a great community in Central Oregon.


The Bend Elks went 31-23 in the 2014 WCL season finishing 4 games behind the leading Corvallis Knights and were awarded the first ever WCL wild card spot. Bend was eliminated after the WCL Divisional Series to the Corvallis Knights in 2 games. The Elks were Hit by the pitch 72 times and set a WCL record for the most times hit at the plate in one season. The front office of the Bend Elks put 42,030 people through the turn styles in 31 games at home with 1,356 per game.

October 2014[edit]

In October 2014, John and Tami Marick purchased the Bend Elks Baseball Club from Jim and MaryAnn Richards.


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