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Benedek Fliegauf (born 15 August 1974, Budapest - Hungary), is a Hungarian film director. As founder of the 'Raptors collective', he is also involved in sound design and set design. Fliegauf is an autodidact, who never attended film school.


His first feature, Forest, was a nearly no-budget film. Its international success opened the way to him for bigger productions.

Dark, brooding and slow, Benedek Fliegauf’s second film, Dealer, was recently awarded the Best Director prize in Mar del Plata. "This is a test of endurance for misguided audiences seeking pure entertainment. Those accustomed to Hollywood and others’ over-stylised view on drugs culture, replete with flashing guns and/or flying punches, will find it like a trip to another planet that you will never want to visit again. Those with more down-to-earth first knowledge of drug sub-culture will not be shocked by its despondent mood nor its forbidding length and instead appreciate Flieghauf’s remarkable achievement." (Screendaily/Dan Fainaru in Berlin 22 June 2004.)[1]

At spring of 2007 he finish his third feature film, Milk Way. It's kind of "ambient movie". The world premiere was in Locarno Film Festival at 2007.

Fliegauf working on his fourth feature. Womb is a futuristic love story, and it is Fliegauf's English language debut.

His 2012 film Just the Wind won the Jury Grand Prix on the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival in February 2012.[2] The film was selected as the Hungarian entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards, but it did not make the final shortlist.[3]


  • 1999 Border line – 30’ documentary
  • 2000 Talking Heads – 27’ fiction

Awarded the main prize for experimental short film at the 32nd Hungarian Film Festival

  • 2001 Is there life before death – 130’ documentary
  • 2001 Hypnos – 15’ fiction

Cottbus: Awarded the Prize for Best Director

  • 2002 Forest – 90' fiction

Berlinale: Wolfgang Staudte Prize, The Gene Mosskowitz Prize presented by foreign critics

  • 2003 The Line – 15’ short

Extreme Film Festival: Extremest film Prize

  • 2003 Dealer – 136’ fiction

Berlinale: Berliner Zeitung Prize, Silver Astor and Fipresci prize in Mar del Plata and others

  • 2007 Miky Way 80' fiction

Locarno: Golden Leopard


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