Benedict Jacka

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Benedict Jacka
Occupation Writer
Nationality British
Genre fantasy

Benedict Jacka is a British author, best known for his Alex Verus series.[1]


Jacka was born in England and attended the City of London School. He later attended Cambridge University, where he graduated with a Bachelors in philosophy and met his editor Sophie Hicks from Ed Victor Ltd.[2] His first novels were three children's fantasy novels which weren't published. That honour went to a children's non-fantasy novel, a book called To Be A Ninja (Later: Ninja: The Beginning). Seven years later, in 2012, he published the first book of the Alex Verus series, two more followed the same year.[3]


Critical reception for Jacka's work has been mostly positive.[4][5] Of the Alex Verus series, the SF Site has cited the series' characters and chapter cliffhangers as highlights.[6][7] SF Crowsnest gave an overall positive review for Cursed, while stating it was "an enjoyable, if unchallenging, read".[8]


Alex Verus series[edit]

  1. Fated (2012)
  2. Cursed (2012)
  3. Taken (2012)
  4. Chosen (2013)
  5. Hidden (2014)[9]

Ninja series[edit]

  • Ninja: The Beginning (2005)
  • Ninja: The Battle (2007)


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