Benedictine Ravens

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Benedictine Ravens
University Benedictine College
Conference Heart of America Athletic Conference
NAIA Division I
Athletic director Charles Gartenmayer
Location Atchison, KS
Varsity teams 15
Football stadium O'Malley Field at Larry Wilcox Stadium
Basketball arena Ralph Nolan Gymnasium
Baseball stadium The Ballpark at Benedictine
Softball stadium BC Softball Field
Soccer stadium John Casey Soccer Center
Mascot Newraven
Nickname Ravens
Fight song Raven Fight Song
     Red       Black

The Benedictine Ravens are the official sports teams of Benedictine College located in Atchison, Kansas. They participate in the NAIA and in the Heart of America Athletic Conference (HAAC).[1]



  • The Ballpark at Benedictine: Baseball[2]
  • BC Softball Field: Softball[2]
  • The Haverty Center: Practice facilities, Cheer offices[2]
  • John Casey Soccer Center: Soccer[2]
  • Laughlin Track at Larry Wilcox Stadium: Track and Field[2]
  • Mother Teresa Center: Athletic Training Facility[2]
  • O'Malley Field at Larry Wilcox Stadium: Football[2]
  • Ralph Nolan Gymnasium: Basketball and Volleyball[2]


The mascot "Rocky" is associated with St. Benedict, as legend has it a raven would bring the sixth-century saint food during his time as a hermit in the mountains near Subiaco, Italy. The legend also has the raven saving St. Benedict from eating poisoned bread.

Fight Song[edit]

The "Raven Fight Song" is the official fight song for the Benedictine Ravens. The lyrics are listed below:[3]


Ravens are flying high in the sky,
Cheer them on their way.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Shout out the black and red battle cry,
Victory always.
Sons of grand ole' St. Benedict,
Raise your banners high.
Soaring onto glory.
Faithful to the story,
Ravens always fly on high!

Alma Mater[edit]

O Lord of Every Blessing is the official Alma Mater for Benedictine College.[3]

O Lord of ev’ry blessing, we praise you for the place
That sits above the river and under heaven’s grace.
We call her “Alma Mater” from hearts with love aflame
And proudly go rejoicing with Benedictine’s name.

O hear your ravens calling; in faith we fly to you.
For you alone are holy, and you alone are true.
Just as the river flowing, you always will provide.
So in all things forever may you be glorified.

Surround her with your goodness and keep her in your peace.
May Benedictine flourish, her family increase.
Like dappled trees in autumn or flowers fresh in spring,
Your glory casts its beauty where souls in wisdom sing.

This school of your own service has set us on our way
To follow you in knowledge unto the endless day.
Let fear not daunt our movement toward hope of promise bright
As now we run in courage with love’s untold delight.

Written by, Ruth Kruesmark, Stacy Neidbalski, and Father Andrew Hoffer.

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