Benedictine monastery in Abu Ghosh

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Facade of the Crusader church

The Benedictine monastery in Abu Ghosh is a monastery belonging to the Olivetan Benedictine stream. It is located in the center of the village Abu Gosh, Israel. The monastery is situated near a mosque in the village center.


The site of the monastery is a spring, on top of which the Crusaders built a church in the 12th century. A monastery was founded on the site and operated until the 15th century. In the 20th century, after the renewal of Benedictine settlement, the site's buildings were renovated or rebuilt.

Coordinates: 31°48′26.74″N 35°6′26.59″E / 31.8074278°N 35.1073861°E / 31.8074278; 35.1073861