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Type Private
Industry Pet food
Founded 2001
Area served Worldwide
Products Dog food
Owners Nestlé Purina PetCare

Beneful is a brand of dog food products by Nestle Purina Petcare that includes wet dog food, dry food and treats.[1] As of 2012, it was the fourth most popular dog food brand,[2] generating $141.7 million in revenues.[3] According to a SWOT analysis by Marketline, Beneful is one of Nestle Purina's more significant brands by revenue.[4]


The Beneful brand of dog food was introduced to the market in 2001. It was marketed on the basis of nutrition.[5][6] According to a company spokesperson, the term Beneful means "full of goodness".[5] A $34 million Beneful television advertising campaign that aired that year was the largest in Nestle Purina's history.[7][8] A Beneful Healthy Harvest product line, which is a vegetarian option using soy instead of meat, was added to the product family in June 2005.[9][10] The Beneful Prepared Meals line was introduced in March 2006 in eight flavors. It was sold in containers that also serve as a dog food bowl.[11] By 2006 Beneful was producing $300 million in revenues.[11] The company spent $36 million to upgrade its wet food manufacturing facilities in St. Joseph, Missouri to keep production up with demand.[12] Modifications were made to several Beneful products in 2010 that made the food look more like human food.[13]

In 2011 Beneful television ads started airing in Austria that featured noises only dogs could hear in order to elicit a response from pets. Beneful said it was the first time advertising was produced that targeted pets directly.[14][15][16] In 2013, many dog owners alleged on to have dogs that fell ill after feeding them Beneful. Tests by the Food and Drug Administration found no contaminants in the product.[17][18] Veterinarians said grieving pet owners often falsely attribute ambiguous, non-specific symptoms to food. Allegations of food poisoning by Beneful continued in social media. Beneful said the issue was caused by "social media disinformation."[19]

Beneful hosts an annual competition for a sponsored dog park renovation, which attracted 1,000 dog park design submissions in 2012 for the $500,000 renovation.[20][21][22]


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