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Slogan একটি উন্মুক্ত বিশ্বকোষ
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Owner Wikimedia Foundation

The Bengali Wikipedia (Bengali: বাংলা উইকিপিডিয়া, Bāŋlā u'ikipiḍiẏā) is the Bengali language version of Wikipedia, run by the Wikimedia Foundation. It also has a phonetic Latin alphabet to Bengali script tool so Latin alphabet keyboards can be used to type Bengali without downloading any software.

Bengali Wikipedia surpassed 10,000 articles in October 2006, becoming the second South-Asian language to do so.[1] As of November 13, 2009, it had over 20,500 articles and was the 67th largest Wikipedia by article count.[citation needed]As of October 2011, it has over 22,000 articles and is the 76th largest Wikipedia by article count.[citation needed] In December 2013, total article crosses 28000 articles.[2]


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