Benjamin C. Cromwell

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Career (United States)
Name: Benjamin C. Cromwell
Builder: Andrew J. York, South Portland, Maine
Laid down: 1883
Launched: 1890
General characteristics
Class and type: Schooner

The Benjamin C. Cromwell was a transport schooner built from June 30, 1883, to October 31, 1890 by Andrew J. York in South Portland, Maine. York sailed as master of three sailing ships, the Mattie B. Russell from June 21, 1873, to March 20, 1876; of the Edward Waite from 1876 to 1883; and of the schooner Benjamin C. Cromwell.[1]

The Benjamin C. Cromwell was moored either prepared to or had already taken on the lumber and naval stores before it met its end. On August 1, 1899, the 2nd hurricane of the season struck St. George Island and the Apalachee Bay area causing massive damage to some 15 ships moored at Dog Island, Florida. The Benjamin Cromwell was, like the others, was hopelessly beached.[2]