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Benjamin Pollard when Rector of St Chrysostom's, Manchester

Benjamin Pollard TD (12 September 1890 – 11 April 1967[1]) was an Anglican bishop.

Pollard and educated at Manchester Grammar School and the Victoria University of Manchester.[2] He was ordained in 1914 and was a chaplain during World War I with the British Armed Forces. After this he became the Precentor of Sheffield Cathedral and then Rector of Bradfield. From 1924 to 1928 he was Rector of St Chrysostom's Victoria Park, Manchester and then began a long association with the Lancaster area.[3] He was Vicar for eight years and, in his last years there, an archdeacon before his ordination to the episcopate as the first Bishop of Lancaster.[4] He was translated to be the Bishop of Sodor and Man in 1954.[5] He retired in 1966 and died the following year.


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Religious titles
Preceded by
Inaugural appointment
Anglican Bishop of Lancaster
Succeeded by
Anthony Leigh Egerton Hoskyns-Abrahall
Preceded by
John Ralph Strickland Taylor
Bishop of Sodor and Man
Succeeded by
George Eric Gordon