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Benjamin de Menil (born August 6, 1974 in New York, US) is a music producer, social activist[citation needed], and an entrepreneur. He established iASO Records in 2000, with a mission to elevate high-quality roots music from all over the word. His focus has been on the music of the Dominican Republic. Beginning with Super Uba, who with de Menil's help rose from the obscurity of a New York subway platform to headlining at major Latin and World Music festivals, de Menil went on to work with some of the Dominican Republic's finest musicians. Joan Soriano, Puerto Plata, Edilio Paredes, Leonardo Paniagua, Ramon Cordero, El Chivo Sin Ley and The Bachata Legends are among the artists that have entered the international spotlight under de Menil's patronage.

de Menil has produced hundreds of concerts in the US and Europe. His YouTube videos of roots music have been watched by 2 million viewers[citation needed], and his website's educational articles have reached millions. de Menil recently launched a line of educational CDs and DVDs aimed at teaching musicality to musicians and dancers.

De Menil managed Web & Lifestyle Marketing at Putumayo World Music from 2002 to 2004. While at Putumayo, de Menil was also responsible for heading a number of operational reforms. In 2005, de Menil worked as consultant to The Orchard & eMusic.

De Menil received an MBA from The Harvard Business School in 2006, and a BA in Computer Science from Brown University in 2000.

Beginning in fall of 2012, de Menil was invited as a Visiting Scholar to New York's CUNY Graduate Center.[citation needed]

In 2013, de Menil partnered with The DREAM Project on a program for traditional music education in the Dominican Republic.

As a music producer, de Menil is a champion of live style recording. His recordings are always execute with a band performing live in a studio, with no metronome or Click track.

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