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Bennelong Apartments. "The Toaster" is the leftmost building.

The Toaster is a controversial residential apartment building in Sydney's Circular Quay. It was part of a multi-use development officially named the "Bennelong Apartments" designed by Andrew Andersons and PTW Architects, which was completed in 1998.

Bennelong Apartments consists of three buildings. No. 1 Macquarie Street, is the northernmost building in the development. It is connected via a bridge at its southern end to the slightly lower no. 3-7 Macquarie Street building, which house a cinema, restaurants and shops, as well as apartments. The southernmost building, no. 61 Macquarie Street, houses a hotel. The nickname "the Toaster" derives from the resemblance of no. 1 to the kitchen appliance, but is also applied to the whole complex.

In November 2007 an apartment in the building sold for $8.4 million. With an internal area of 190 square metres, the price of $44,210 per square metre is an Australian record.[1]

Many locals feel that the design of the building does not enhance the Sydney Harbour foreshore; the building has been criticised for the quality of its design, its occupation of previously public space, and its positioning, blocking historical sightlines. David Williams describes the Toaster as a "building that most Sydneysiders would quite happily blow up".[2] Lavartus Prodeo developed The Toaster awards for crimes against amenity - a reference to the controversial architecture of the building.[3]

No. 1 Macquarie Street, "The Toaster", view from Circular Quay 
No. 61 Macquarie Street, a hotel, view from The Rocks 


Coordinates: 33°51′36″S 151°12′47″E / 33.859943°S 151.213074°E / -33.859943; 151.213074