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Benoit Bouchet Leaving Mauritius September 11, 1994

Serge Benoit De Robillard Bouchet (born September 7, 1973, in Curepipe, Mauritius) was the first Mauritian athlete to have gained international recognition in the sport of Windsurfing for sailing between Mauritius and Réunion Island unassisted.[1]


At a young age, Benoit took up the sport of windsurfing under the watchful guidance of his experienced father Serge De Robillard Bouchet.[2] At the age of 21 years old, Benoit set out to break the record for windsurfing between the two islands with the full support of his family.[3]

On September 11, 1994, Benoit left the Mauritian shore at Morne Brabant, at 06:15am. His board of choice was the "Fanatic Mega Cat".[2] Later that same day, Benoit landed on the shore of Reunion Island, Point De Cascade, Ste. Rose at 13:44pm.[2] During his journey, he was carefully followed by a boat carrying his friends and family along with the local media crew.[4]

Benoit Bouchet currently holds the record for being the first Mauritian to complete the distance of 170 km (106 mi) between Mauritius and Reunion in the short time of 7h29min on a windsurf.[5] He has been awarded a medal of sportsmanship for the month of September 1994 by the Mauritian Minister of Sports, Michael Glover in January 1995.[6]


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