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Haagse Hout
Haagse wijk-benoordenhout.PNG
Location of Haagse Hout in the Hague
Gemeente: Den Haag
Stadsdeel: Haagse Hout
Population: 12,850

Benoordenhout (Dutch pronunciation: [bəˈnoːrdə(n)ˌɦʌu̯t]) is a neighbourhood in the Haagse Hout district of The Hague. In addition to Benoordenhout, Haagse Hout consists of the Bezuidenhout, Mariahoeve en Marlot, and Haagse Bos neighbourhoods.

Benoordenhout is located northeast of the city centre and is enclosed by the Koningskade, Raamweg, the Hubertuspark, the barracks and dunes north of the Waalsdorperweg, the city's border with Wassenaar, the Haagse Bos (The Hague Woods) and Malieveld.

The neighbourhood gets its name from the Haagse Bos. In Dutch, 'Benoorden' means 'situated north of' and 'hout' is an archaic term for forest. In modern Dutch, 'hout' solely refers to the material wood.

Benoordenhout is in turn divided into seven areas: the Nassaubuurt, Uilennest, Duinzigt, Waalsdorp, Arendsdorp, Clingendael and the area around the Van Hoytemastraat.

Coordinates: 52°05′57″N 4°19′33″E / 52.09917°N 4.32583°E / 52.09917; 4.32583