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The city of Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA has had two major riots in recent times.


On August 30, 1966, due to a fatal shooting,[1] residents rioted for six days. Governor George W. Romney dispatched troops from the Michigan National Guard, who stood down on September 5.[2][3]


In June 2003, residents of Benton Harbor rioted for two days when black motorcyclist Terrance Shurn, being chased by a mixed-race police officer, crashed into a building and died. Five homes were set on fire, and about 300 state troopers and law enforcement personnel from neighboring communities came to Benton Harbor to stabilize the situation.[4] Many saw the riots as a sign of frustration from the mostly black youth population.[3][5][6][7]

Indirectly, the riot contributed to the Jimmy Carter Work Project being held in Benton Harbor and Detroit in 2005.

Other years[edit]

Benton Harbor also experienced rioting in 1960, 1967, and 1990.[3]


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