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Binyamin "Beny" Alagem (born 1953 in Israel) is an Israeli American entrepreneur and developer. He is among the former owners of Packard Bell, a personal computer manufacturer that bore the name of a 1926 American radio manufacturer.[1][2][3]

Packard Bell was the name of a manufacturer of televisions and radios in the United States for several decades in the 20th century, but the name largely disappeared from the marketplace after 1968. Hoping to cash in on old name recognition, Alagem bought the rights and launched a new company in 1986, selling inexpensive computers at retail much like Commodore president Jack Tramiel had earlier in the decade. In addition, his company became the first to offer toll-free technical support[citation needed]. In the mid-1990s, Packard Bell lost market share as Compaq started to undercut its prices. Alagem merged his company with NEC in 1996, staying on as president of the division. Alagem suffered a heart attack in September 1997. A year later, amid continuing price pressure and mounting losses, Alagem left the company. Official statements cited health concerns but Alagem later cited disagreements with investors and other executives.

In January 1999, Alagem bought the rights to the AST Research name from Samsung. AST had been a top five computer vendor in the early 1990s. But Alagem, who planned to sell PCs directly and through retail, was unable to do so. By the summer of 2001, AST disappeared from the market[citation needed].

Plate. Monument "The Tel Aviv foundation". Tel Aviv. Israel.

In December 2003, Alagem purchased the Beverly Hilton Hotel from entertainer Merv Griffin. The deal was estimated at $130 million. Alagem continues to invest in real estate and is involved in various telecommunications ventures. In April 2006, Alagem purchased the Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort for an estimated $91 million. In a January 18, 2007 press release, Alagem and Hilton Hotels Corporation announced the development of the first new west coast Waldorf-Astoria hotel as part of a $500 million long-term plan to revitalize the Beverly Hilton on the nine-acre hotel property at the corner of Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards in Beverly Hills.


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