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Beornred (Anglo-Saxon Beornrǣd) was briefly King of Mercia in 757, following the murder of Æthelbald. However, he was defeated by Offa and fled.

According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, in 757:

⁊ þy ilcan geare mon ofsloh Æþelbald Mearcna cyning on Sæcandune, ⁊ his lic ræsteð on Hreopandune, ⁊ he ricsade .xli. wintra. ⁊ Beornred feng to rice ⁊ lytle hwile heold ⁊ ungefealice, ⁊ þy ilcan geare Offa geflemde Beornred ⁊ feng to þam rice ⁊ heold .xxxix. wintra, ...
"... and in the same year Æthelbald, king of Mercia, was killed at Seckington, and his body rests at Repton; and he ruled 41 years. And then Beornred succeeded to the kingdom, and held it a little while and unhappily; and that same year Offa put Beornred to flight and succeeded to the kingdom, and held it 39 years..."[1]

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  1. ^ ASC manuscript E, 755 (757); translated by Michael Swanton, The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, 1996.
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