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Beovoz in Novi Beograd railway station 2009.jpg
Locale Belgrade, Serbia
Transit type commuter rail
Number of lines 6
Number of stations 41
Began operation 1992
Operator(s) Serbian Railways
System length 70 km
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

Beovoz (Serbian Cyrillic: Беовоз) is a commuter rail that provides mass-transit service within the Belgrade metropolitan area. The main usage of today's system is to connect the suburbs with downtown Belgrade. Beovoz is operated by Serbian Railways.

Belgrade suburban railway system connects the suburbs and nearby cities to the west, north and south of the city.


The Beovoz public transit system first began operation in 1992.


Beovoz handled 6,182,000 passengers in 2006. In 2007 it was projected that the system would handle 7,078,000 passengers.

Beovoz 412 engine
Interior of a Beovoz train

Service area[edit]

Further information: List of Beovoz stations

There are four lines in the Belgrade underground railway network:

Most stations are aboveground. The two stations that are built underground (Vukov Spomenik and Karađorđev Park) are located in the city old center.All tracks in downtown are underground.


Beovoz Diagram.PNG

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