Bepin Behari Ganguly Street

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Bepin Behari Ganguly Street, or B.B. Ganguly Street, often known as Bow Bazar Street or Bowbazar Street is an east-west road in central Kolkata, capital of the Indian state of West Bengal.


B.B Ganguly Street runs from the Sealdah station (one of the two principal rail stations in the city) in the eastern limit to B.B.D. Bagh is the northern side.


The multitude of commuters who deport train at Sealdah (from Kolkata Suburban Railway) use this road to reach B.B.D. Bagh, the central business district of the city. The easternmost portion of the road (just after its start from Sealdah) is very congested due to the location of a vegetable wholesale market, as a result many commuters resort to walking the road to B.B.D. Bagh instead of using the bus.


The road is one-way, traffic runs from the direction of Sealdah towards B.B.D. Bagh. Significant intersections include intersections with Amherst Street, College Street, Chittaranjan Avenue, Rabindra Sarani.

Specialty markets[edit]

A peculiarity of old Kolkata is that there are neighborhoods where there are many stores selling the same or similar products. This benefits the customer who can walk into various stores in the vicinity to compare and shop. Bowbazar Street is no exception. If you start walking westward from Sealdah station on this street, you will find numerous Jewelry Stores among which, Shaw Jewellers is the most popular one. Once you cross College Street, you find furniture stores on both sides of the street. Among them, Calcutta Furniture is quite reputed. These stores build custom furniture based on customer's design and specifications. After crossing Chittaranjan Avenue, you find watch, clock and spectacles stores all over the place. These stores repair watches also.

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