Berens River First Nation

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Berens River 13 is located in Manitoba
Berens River 13
Berens River 13
Location of Berens River 13 in Manitoba

Berens River First Nation is a First Nations band government in Manitoba, Canada. The First Nation has two reserves: Berens River 13 and Pigeon River 13A located in the boreal forest east of Lake Winnipeg. The First Nation is governed by a chief and five councillors.[1]

Berens River is a member of the Southeast Resource Development Council with offices in Winnipeg. This Tribal Council has 9 member First Nations.[1]

The settlement of Berens River, Manitoba with a population of 111 people in 2011 borders the main settlement of Berens River 13 with a population of 1,028 in 2011.[2] The two communities create a population centre also called Berens River at the mouth of the Berens River. Both are served by the Berens River Airport.


The river Berens River was originally called Pigeon River and the name Pigeon River was given to the next river to the south.[3]


As of February 2015 the registered membership of the Berens River First Nation was 3,246 with 2,110 members living on-reserve and 1,136 members off-reserve.[1]

The settlement of Berens River 13 had a population of 1,028 in 2011.


Berens River First Nation has two reserves.

Notable people[edit]

  • Jacob Berens [Nah-wee-kee-sick-quah-yash] (c1832-1916)[8]
  • William Berens [Tabasigizikweas] (1866-1947)[9]


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