Beretta Pico

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Beretta Pico
Type Pistol
Place of origin  Italy
Production history
Manufacturer Beretta
Weight 11.5 oz (unloaded)
Length 5.1 in

Cartridge .380 ACP
Feed system 6-round + 1 box magazine
Sights Iron sights

The Beretta Pico is a small, semi-automatic pistol intended for concealed carry. The Pico's low weight design and small structure make it ideal for concealment. The Pico was designed not for military use, but for the commercial market.



The Beretta Pico shoots a .380 ACP cartrige.[1] The .380 ACP, smaller than a 9x19 Parabellum, keeps the weight and size of the gun at a minimum. The .380 ACP cartridge has been deemed, "[does] not provide suitable penetration for combat" but, "is considered suitable for self-defense situations, and as a result, it has been a viable choice for concealed carry pistols."[2] These facts demonstrate that the Pico's cartridge is ideal for its intended use. The small, low-power .380 ACP cartridge does not produce much recoil and even for a relatively low mass gun such as the Pico, the recoil still stays highly controllable. Furthermore, the Pico is 5.1 inches in length, 4 inches in height, and 0.725 inches wide.[1] The barrel length is 2.7 inches and the Pico is 11.5 ounces unloaded.[1] The Beretta Pico is also a Double Action Only (DAO) pistol. The Pico's lower receiver is made of polymer, minimizing weight and, depending on one's personal opinion, increases comfort.[1] The Pico's upper receiver is made mostly from stainless steel. The Pico is also designed to be "snag-free," which insures smooth and fast extraction from a holster.[1] The Pico's magazine hold 6 rounds, but one more round can be held in the chamber.


The Beretta Pico is not the most ambidextrous pistol on the market, but some feature are ambidextrous, such as the magazine release. The Beretta Pico was also designed to be extremely consumer friendly, the Pico has a very simple process to disassemble requiring only a turn of a screw. The iron sights on the Pico are also very easy to remove and change, only a 1.5 mm hex wrench is required. The Double Action Only feature on the Pico ensures that the gun will not fire if dropped, adding a safety measure to the Pico.


Many accessories have been released and made for the Beretta Pico. With a polymer lower receiver, the lower receiver can be changed out for colored ones to customize the Pico to one's personal taste. Also, many holsters have been developed for the Pico.


The Pico's primary use is a self-defense weapon. The Pico is designed to be concealed and remain obstructive of everyday activities. Also, with an MSRP of 398.00-405.00 USD, the Pico is extremely affordable to the average consumer.