Bergianska trädgården

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Bergianska trädgården
View from Brunnsviken lake
Type Botanical garden
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Coordinates 59°22′09″N 18°02′47″W / 59.36917°N 18.04639°W / 59.36917; -18.04639
Opened 1791

The Bergianska trädgården, the Bergian Garden or Hortus Bergianus, is a botanical garden located in the Frescati area on the outskirts of Stockholm, close to the Swedish Museum of Natural History and the main campus of Stockholm University. The director of the garden is known as Professor Bergianus.

The Garden was founded through a donation in 1791 by the historian and antiquarian Bengt Bergius and his brother Peter Jonas Bergius, a physician and scientist, for the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and was originally located at their mansion and its adjacent garden on the Karlbergsvägen road, in what is now the Vasastaden district in central Stockholm, which at the time still had a largely rural character. The garden was moved to its current location in 1885.

The garden is today jointly administered by the Academy of Sciences and Stockholm University.

Professor Bergianus[edit]


E. Anderson's greenhouse
Japanese pond

Japanese pond
Victoria greenhouse


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Coordinates: 59°22′09″N 18°02′47″E / 59.36917°N 18.04639°E / 59.36917; 18.04639