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Berkley School District is a United States school district serving the entirety of Berkley, Huntington Woods, and the northern portion of Oak Park, in the state of Michigan. The superintendent is Dennis McDavid. Created in 1840, the district currently serves 4,700 students.[1] The Center of Advanced Studies & the Arts is a special consortium school that draws high school students from 6 six neighboring school districts. CASA offers courses that would not otherwise have enough students to be taught within one district.

It operates the following schools:

  • Anderson Middle School - Gr 6-8
  • Angell Elementary School - Gr K-5
  • Berkley Building Blocks - Preschool and Child Care
  • Berkley High School - Gr 9-12
  • Burton Elementary School - Gr PreK-5
  • Norup International School - Gr K-8
  • Pattengill Elementary School - Gr PreK-5
  • Rogers Elementary School - Gr K-5
  • Tri-County Educational Center - Kennedy Center - Alternative High School & Adult Educcation
  • Center for Advanced Studies & the Arts
  • Oakland Schools Technical Campus S.E.

In addition, some students originally from the Berkley School District attend the International Academy in Bloomfield Hills for high school.

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