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Category 2
Type Bf
DS100 code BSPD
Station code 0561
Construction and location
Opened 15 July 1910
Location Berlin
State Berlin
Country Germany
Local authority Spandau
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52°32′05″N 13°11′45″E / 52.53472°N 13.19583°E / 52.53472; 13.19583Coordinates: 52°32′05″N 13°11′45″E / 52.53472°N 13.19583°E / 52.53472; 13.19583
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List of railway stations in the Berlin area

Berlin-Spandau is a railway station situated in the Spandau district of Berlin, Germany located at the western end of the S-Bahn line S5. The train services are operated by Deutsche Bahn and Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn (ODEG).


It is a regional [1] and long-distance station for ICE trains arriving from Hamburg and Hannover as well as an important bus hub for western Berlin and the adjacent Havelland region of Brandenburg. Rathaus Spandau, the western terminus of the Berlin U-Bahn line U7 is nearby.

The new station, with its 440-metre-long hall (1,440 ft) covering three platforms, was erected in 1998 at the site of the former Spandau-West S-Bahn station that opened in 1910. Berlin-Spandau railway station replaced the historic Spandau railway station east of the Havel river, which is now called Stresow and only served by S-Bahn metro trains.

Train services[edit]

The station is serves by the following service(s):[2]

  • Intercity services Amsterdam - Amersfoort - Hengelo - Osnabrück - Hanover - Berlin
  • Regional services RE 2 Wismar – Schwerin – Wittenberge – Nauen – Berlin – Lübben – Cottbus
  • Regional services RE 4 Rathenow - Wustermark - Berlin - Ludwigsfelde - Jüterbog
  • Regional services RE 6 Berlin-Spandau – Hennigsdorf – Neuruppin – Wittstock – Pritzwalk – Wittenberge
  • Local services RB 10 Nauen – Falkensee – Berlin
  • Peak hour services RB 13 Wustermark - Berlin-Spandau
  • Local services RB 14 Nauen – Falkensee – Berlin – Berlin-Schönefeld Flughafen – Königs Wusterhausen – Senftenberg
Preceding station   Deutsche Bahn   Following station
Every 2 hours only
ICE 10
towards Munich Hbf
ICE 11
towards Zurich Hbf
ICE 12
ICE 28
towards Munich Hbf
toward Hamburg Hbf
toward Budapest
IC/EC 27
towards Dresden and Prague
Intercity (DB) 140
toward Wittenberge
RE Terminus
toward Nauen
toward Senftenberg
toward Nauen
toward Wustermark
RB Terminus
Preceding station   Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn   Following station
toward Wismar
RE 2
toward Cottbus
toward Rathenow
RE 4
toward Jüterbog
Preceding station   Berlin S-Bahn   Following station
Terminus S5
Preceding station   Berlin U-Bahn   Following station
Terminus U7
towards Rudow

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