Berlin-Staaken station

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Category 5
Type Hp
DS100 code BSTA
Construction and location
Opened 1900
Location Staaken
State Berlin
Country Germany
Local authority Spandau
52°32′16″N 13°08′29″E / 52.53778°N 13.14139°E / 52.53778; 13.14139
List of railway stations in the Berlin area

Berlin-Staaken is a railway station located in Staaken, a locality in the Spandau district of Berlin. It is, also with Berlin Albrechtshof, the only Berliner DB station not served by the S-Bahn.


The station is situated on the "Lehrter Bahn" Berlin-Wolfsburg-Hannover, between the stations of Berlin Spandau and Dallgow-Döberitz. The station has two platforms.

The first station in Staaken was opened in 1900. As the Iron Curtain after 1945 cut Staaken in two, West-Staaken became part of the Soviet Zone of Occupation while the rest remained with West-Berlin. Due to the lack of an own passenger station in West-Staaken the old goods station, now called Staaken Kr. Nauen has been used for passenger transport, while the West-Berlin part was still able to use the S-Bahn´ station. The S-Bahn station Staaken was then shut down after a major strike in 1980, and never reopened. Both stations were demolished after 1996 during the construction of the ICE route to Hanover. A brandnew station, at the site of the old goods station, was then handed over to the public in 1998.

Train services[edit]

The station is serves by the following service(s):[1]

  • Regional services RE 4 Rathenow - Wustermark - Berlin - Ludwigsfelde - Jüterbog
  • Peak hour services RB 13 Wustermark - Berlin-Spandau
Preceding station   Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn   Following station
toward Rathenow
RE 4
toward Jüterbog
Preceding station   Deutsche Bahn   Following station
toward Wustermark

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Coordinates: 52°32′16″N 13°08′29″E / 52.53778°N 13.14139°E / 52.53778; 13.14139