Berlin/Brandenburg Metropolitan Region

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Berlin/Brandenburg Metropolitan Region
Metropolregion Berlin/Brandenburg
Map of the Berlin/Brandenburg Metropolitan Region[1]
Map of the Berlin/Brandenburg Metropolitan Region[1]
Country  Germany


Largest city Berlin (3,292,365 inh. in 2011[2])
 • Metro 30.370 km2 (11.726 sq mi)
 • Metro 4.500.000
 • Metro density 196/km2 (510/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
Website Official website

The Berlin/Brandenburg Metropolitan Region (German: Metropolregion Berlin/Brandenburg) is one of the 11 metropolitan regions of Germany. The territory includes the city of Berlin and its surrounding municipalities within the state of Brandenburg.[3][4]


The metropolitan region counts the independent cities of Berlin and Potsdam (state capital of Brandenburg), and 67 other municipalities.[5] The other communes are listed below, subdivided per district (Landkreis). The municipalities marked with (c) have city status:


Regional map with the centralities

The region counts three levels of centralities (Zentralörtliche Gliederung): A metropolis (Metropole), an upper level centre (Oberzentrum) and 17 middle level centres (Mittelzentren).

Upper centre
Middle centres


Population of the metropolitan region Berlin/Brandenburg. Legend: Black = Overall / Blue = Berlin / Orange = Rest of Brandenburg[6]
Map of the metropolitan regions of Germany with Berlin-Brandenburg

Population of the metropolitan region is close to 4¼ million (out of 6 million for all of Berlin and Brandenburg), mainly condensed in Berlin and Potsdam. The other towns have a population lesser than 50,000 inhabitants and the lesser-populated municipalities are Pessin (654) and Retzow (562). The list shows the most populated places in the area:

  1. Berlin (3,292,365)
  2. Potsdam (158,902)
  3. Oranienburg (41,966)
  4. Falkensee (40,900)
  5. Bernau (36,624)
  6. Königs Wusterhausen (34,083)
  7. Fürstenwalde (32,456)
  8. Strausberg (26,156)
  9. Hennigsdorf (25,988)
  10. Blankenfelde-Mahlow (25,934)
  11. Hohen Neuendorf (24,551)
  12. Ludwigsfelde (24,150)
  13. Werder (23,211)
  14. Teltow (23,069)
  15. Wandlitz (21,801)
  16. Kleinmachnow (20,181)
  17. Panketal (19,291)
  18. Zossen (17,717)
  19. Neuenhagen (16,972)
  20. Hoppegarten (16,808)
  21. Nauen (16,804)
  22. Rüdersdorf (15,317)

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