Berlin Feuerbachstraße station

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Berlin Feuerbachstraße
Category 4
Type Hp
DS100 code BFB
Station code 1787
Construction and location
Opened 15 May 1933
Location Berlin
State Berlin
Country Germany
Local authority Steglitz-Zehlendorf
List of railway stations in the Berlin area

S-Bhf. Berlin Feuerbachstraße is a railway station in the Steglitz locality of Berlin, Germany. It is served by the Berlin S-Bahn and several local bus lines.

The station was opened on May 15, 1933 as part of the electrification of the Wannseebahn suburban line. It is 900 meters away from Berlin-Friedenau station and 1.1 km away from Steglitz station.[1]

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Preceding station   Berlin S-Bahn   Following station
toward Wannsee
toward Oranienburg

Coordinates: 52°27′49″N 13°19′58″E / 52.46361°N 13.33278°E / 52.46361; 13.33278