Berlin-Wittenau station

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S-Bahn platform
Category 4
Type Hp
DS100 code BWIN
Station code 6824
Construction and location
Location Berlin
State Berlin
Country Germany
Local authority Reinickendorf
List of railway stations in the Berlin area

Berlin-Wittenau (in German S-Bahnhof Berlin-Wittenau, officially Wittenau (Wilhelmsruher Damm)) is a railway station in the Wittenau district of Berlin, Germany. It is served by the Berlin S-Bahn and numerous local buses. It is also the northern terminus of the Berlin U-Bahn line U8.


U-Bahn platform

The station opened with the Nordbahn railway line from Berlin to Neubrandenburg on July 10, 1877, then called Dalldorf, the former name of Wittenau until 1905. When a second railway station in Dalldorf was erected at the branch-off to Kremmen in 1893, it received the appendix (Nordbahn). On June 5, 1925 Wittenau (Nordbahn) was connected to the S-Bahn network.

The U-Bahn station opened on September 29, 1994, with the northern continuation of the U8 line to reach the nearby housing estates of Märkisches Viertel. S- and U-Bahn station then received the appendix (Wilhelmsuher Damm), the main street leading to Märkisches Viertel. It retained this designation even after the former Wittenau (Kremmener Bahn) station was renamed Karl-Bonhoeffer-Nervenklinik on May 28, 1995.

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Coordinates: 52°35′45″N 13°20′12″E / 52.59583°N 13.33667°E / 52.59583; 13.33667