Berliner griechische Urkunden

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BGU or Berliner griechische Urkunden (commenced in 1895) is an ongoing publishing program of Greek documents, primarily Greek papyri by the Berlin State Museums, primarily from the papyrus collection of the Egyptian Museum of Berlin. The project was originally entitled Ägyptische Urkunden aus den Königlichen Museen zu Berlin (Royal Museums) but then changed the title to Staatlichen Museen when the Museums' status changed. The term "papyrologist" itself was coined in connection with the establishment of the BGU project.[1]


  1. ^ Proceedings of the 20th International Congress of Papyrologists 1994 ed. Adam Bülow-Jacobsen Page 35 "So, there is more to the seemingly arbitrary choice of BGU as the first papyrological edition. In fact, the idea of calling scholars dealing with papyri 'papyrologists' first came up in relation to BGU. In the preface to P.Gen. 1, dated March 1, 1896, ..."