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For other National Trusts, see National Trust (disambiguation).

The Bermuda National Trust is an organisation which works to preserve and protect the heritage of Bermuda.

According to its website:

"The Bermuda National Trust is a charity, established in 1970 to preserve natural, architectural and historic treasures and to encourage public appreciation of them. Its forerunner was the Bermuda Historical Monuments Trust, working in conservation from 1937 to 1970. The Trust's programmes and activities are focused in the key areas of Preservation, Education and Advocacy. Its purpose is to ensure that Bermuda's unique heritage remains protected for future generations."

The Bermuda National Trust cares for 70 properties throughout the country, covering 250 acres (1 km²) and representing much of the best of Bermuda's heritage. These include a number of different historic houses, islands, gardens, cemeteries, nature reserves and coastline.

The Trust also runs three museums displaying a collection of artefacts owned and made by Bermudians, as well as an education programme, focussing on the island's history and what it means to our future.

It has reciprocal visiting rights with National Trusts in other countries.

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