Bernard (crater)

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Bernard Crater
Martian crater Bernard based on day THEMIS.png
Bernard crater based on day-time THEMIS image
Planet Mars
Coordinates 23°36′S 154°18′W / 23.6°S 154.3°W / -23.6; -154.3Coordinates: 23°36′S 154°18′W / 23.6°S 154.3°W / -23.6; -154.3
Diameter 131.0 km
Eponym P. Bernard, a French atmospheric scientist

Bernard Crater is a large crater in the Memnonia quadrangle of Mars, located at 23.6° south latitude and 154.3° west longitude. It is 131.0 km in diameter and was named after P. Bernard, a French atmospheric scientist.[1] The floor of the crater contains large cracks, which may be due to erosion.


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