Bernard I, Margrave of Baden-Baden

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Bernard I of Baden
Spouse(s) Margarete of Hohenberg
Anna von Oettingen
Noble family House of Zähringen
Father Rudolf VI, Margrave of Baden-Baden
Mother Matilde of Sponheim
Born 1364
Died 5 April 1431(1431-04-05)

Bernard I of Baden (1364 – 5 April 1431, Baden) was Margrave of Baden-Baden from 1391 to 1431.


He was the elder son of Rudolf VI and Matilde of Sponheim. He and his brother Rudolf VII concluded an inheritance contract in 1380, according to which the margraviate might be divided only among male descendants for two generations. Rudolf VII afterwards received the southern areas from Ettlingen via Rastatt to Baden-Baden, Bernard himself the areas around Durlach and Pforzheim.

He had his family seat in the fortress of Hohenbaden high above the thermal baths of the town of Baden. During his reign he extended the castle from the underlying Gothic structure. In 1415, he purchased Baden-Hachberg and some areas in Upper Baden for 80000Rhenish guilders from the Otto II, the last margrave of the eponymous collateral line. During this time he had many disputes with the towns of Strasbourg, Speyer and with king Ruprecht I. His successor Jacob I further expanded the castle into a fortress.

Family and children[edit]

He was married twice. First, he married Margarete of Hohenberg in 1384 and divorced 1393. This marriage was childless. Second, he married 15 September 1397 Anna von Oettingen and had the following children:

  1. Anna (15 March 1399–after 6 December 1421), married 11 May 1409 Louis IV of Lichtenberg.
  2. Beatrix (24 June 1400–1452), married 11 July 1411 Count Emich VI of Leiningen-Hartenburg.
  3. Matilde (1401–1402).
  4. Margarete (25 January 1404–7 November 1442), married 1 March 1418 Count Adolph II, Count of Nassau-Wiesbaden-Idstein.
  5. Jacob I (15 March 1407, Hachberg–13 October 1453, Mühlburg).
  6. Agnes (25 March 1408–January 1473, Ebersteinberg), married
    1. 1432 (divorced 1433) Count Gerhard of Schauenburg and Holstein-Rendsburg (1404–1433)
    2. Hans von Hewen.
  7. Ursula (24 October 1409–24 March 1429), married:
    1. 1422 Count Gottfried of Ziegenhain;
    2. 1426 Duke Ulrich II of Teck.
  8. Bernhard (1412–1424).
  9. Brigitte (1416–after 24 July 1441), a nun.
  10. Rudolf (1417–1424).

He also had two illegitimate children, Bernhard, a canon in Basel and Anna, who married Paul Lutran von Ertrin.

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Bernard I, Margrave of Baden-Baden
Born: 1364 Died: 5 April 1431
Preceded by
Rudolf VI
Margrave of Baden-Pforzheim
Succeeded by
Jacob I
Preceded by
Rudolf VII
Margrave of Baden-Baden
Preceded by
Otto II
Margrave of Baden-Hachberg