Bernard and the Genie

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Bernard and the Genie
Bernard and The Genie.jpg
Title card featuring the lamp
Distributed by BBC
Directed by Paul Weiland
Produced by Jacinta Peel
Peter Fincham
Mary Francis
Written by Richard Curtis
Starring Lenny Henry
Alan Cumming
Rowan Atkinson
Denis Lill
Angie Clarke
Music by Howard Goodall
Cinematography Roger Pratt
Editing by Ian Weil
Language English
Release date 23 November 1991
Running time 70 min

Bernard and the Genie is a seventy-minute British TV film co-produced by Attaboy and Talkback for BBC Television. It was first shown on BBC1 on 23 November 1991. Written by comedy writer Richard Curtis, this comic fantasy takes its inspiration from The Book of One Thousand and One Nights and follows Alan Cumming as art dealer Bernard Bottle who is not having a good day.

Sacked by his avaricious boss (Rowan Atkinson) and jilted by his girlfriend, Bernard unintentionally discovers the antique lamp he was given one Christmas actually contains Josephus (Lenny Henry), a real life genie, imprisoned for the last 2000 years for accidentally killing an evil wizard's daughter whilst moonlighting as a knife-thrower.

While Bernard and Josephus struggle to come to terms with their new lives ("At least your girlfriend is buried in the arms of her lover. Mine is buried in an artichoke patch in Jerusalem!"), their attempts to cheer themselves up using magic have unforeseen consequences.

Directed by Paul Weiland, the movie featured actors such as John Gabriel (as the evil wizard) and Denis Lill (as lift attendant Frank Kepple), as well as cameos from Melvyn Bragg, Bob Geldof, Vincent Hanna, Gary Lineker and Trevor McDonald.

A DVD version of the movie was released for Region 1, albeit unauthorized, on 4 September 2007.[1]


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