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Reliquary of San Bernardino Realino, Lecce.

Bernardino Realino (1 December 1530 – 2 July 1616) was a Jesuit of Italy. He passed his entire career in the ministry in the area of Naples and at Lecce, Italy.[1]

He was born in Carpi. After graduating in law at Bologna in 1556, he was appointed podestà of both Cassine and Felizzano and then became praetor of Castelleone. Subsequently he entered the service of Francesco Ferdinando d'Avalos, viceroy of Sicily, and moved to Naples, where he decided to embark on a religious career and joined the Jesuits.[2]

After his death in 1616, relics of his blood which were kept were reported to liquefy.[1] He was canonized in 1947.[1] His feast day is July 2.[1] His relics are preserved in Lecce in the Chiesa del Gesù.[2]


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