Bernardo Soto Alfaro

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Term of office:  12 March 1885 to
8 May 1890
(two consecutive terms, the first incomplete)
– Preceded by:   Próspero Fernández
– Succeeded by:  José Joaquín Rodríguez
Date of birth: 12 February 1854
Place of birth: Alajuela
Date of death: 28 January 1931 (aged 76)
Place of death: San José
Don Bernardo de Soto.jpg

Ramón Bernardo Soto Alfaro was President of Costa Rica from 1885 to 1889.

He took office when his father-in-law, President Próspero Fernández, died in office in 1885, and in a gesture of national conciliation following the fiercely disputed election for his successor, decided to hold himself apart from office on November 7, 1889. He never resigned, but the Third Vicepresident Carlos Durán served as acting President until the end of the term.

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