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Bernice Carr Vukovich (birth surname: Car) (born 1938) was a South African tennis player of Croat origin. Her father was a Croat immigrant from the peninsula of Pelješac.[1]

Bernice completed her secondary education at End Street Convent (Holy Family order), matriculating in 1955. She was South African junior tennis champion in 1954 and 1955.[1] After she began to compete in senior tennis, she won 1958 and 1960 South African championship,[1] while in 1959 she was runner-up. In 1958 she beat Heather Brewer-Segal with 3–6, 7–5, 6–4. In 1959 she lost the title in a match against Sandra Reynolds, losing 6–0, 8–6. In 1960 she regained the title, beating Sandra Reynolds with 6–1, 2–6, 12–10.

She played many international matches.[1] She competed in 1965 Federation Cup quarterfinal match, playing for South Africa against Great Britain. She lost both matches. In singles game, she lost to Christine Janes, while in pairs, she played with Annette Du Plooy and lost against pair Ann Haydon Jones / Deidre Keller.[2]

In 1960 United States Championships/Open, she won the match against Billie Jean King in the third round. Carr Vukovich was 7th seeded.


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