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Bernie Chiaravalle is the guitarist for singer Michael McDonald and has also been a songwriting partner with McDonald since the late 1980s. Bernie's career with Michael started out by meeting singer/songwriter David Pack from the group Ambrosia who later introduced him to Michael. He and McDonald collaborated on several songs which are on Michael's 2000 CD, "Blue Obsession". When the Doobie Brothers reunited with McDonald for a co-headlining tour with the Steve Miller Band in 1995, Bernie filled in on guitar for the absent John McFee.

Bernie Chiaravalle has had success as a solo artist as well with a 1999 hit, "Speak", and another hit "Till I Hurt You" on Larry Carlton's Fingertips CD which he co-wrote with Larry Carlton and Michael McDonald. He also co-wrote "No Love To Be Found" with McDonald which can be found on Michael McDonald: The Ultimate Collection released in 2005. "From Now On", a blues number written with Steve Leland, can be heard on many TV jingles as it has been used numerous times. "One More Word", another song written with McDonald, was a regional hit on The Wave in Los Angeles in the early 90s. The song was recorded under the name Silent Partner, a band with his good friend Chazz Frichtel.

Currently, Bernie Chiaravalle has a newly released CD All or Nothing and continues to tour with Michael McDonald. He also produced an album of 12 songs for singer Amy Holland McDonald. Bernie co-wrote much of the album along with Amy and other writers including Jon Vezner, John Goodwin, Chazz Frichtel and Michael McDonald. He also plays guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and percussion on the record. It was released on Michael McDonald's record label Chonin Records.

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