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Bernie Knee (Feb. 14, 1924, New York City – Nov. 20, 1994, Fort Lauderdale) was an actor and singer/musician.[1] He appeared in Country Music Holiday (1958) and Stick (1985). He also had a cameo as a musician in Woody Allen's film Zelig (1983).[2]

In 1958, he put together a group of studio musicians called "The Five Blobs" to record the theme song for The Blob, written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Later, he worked on "Sixteen Cubes of Sugar" (by Jack Keller and Howard Greenfield) and "That's What I Call True Love" (by Keller and Gerry Goffin), both with Carole King. He also made appearances on the Ballroom Broadway cast album (1979), Frank Sinatra's Trilogy (1980) and Max Conrad's Let's Fly! Flight Inspired Music.


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