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The Bernoullis (/bərˈnli/; Swiss [bɛʁˈnʊli];[1]) were a patrician family of merchants and scholars, originally from Antwerp, who settled in Basel, Switzerland. The name is sometimes misspelled Bernou-ill-i and mispronounced accordingly.[2]

Leon Bernoulli was a doctor in Antwerp, which at that time was in the Spanish Netherlands. He died in 1561 and in 1570 his son, Jacob, emigrated to Frankfurt am Main to escape from the Spanish persecution of the Huguenots. Jacob’s grandson, a spice trader also named Jacob, moved in 1620 to Basel, Switzerland, and was granted Swiss citizenship.[3] His son Niklaus (1623-1708), Leon’s great-great-grandson, married Margarethe Schönauer.

Niklaus had three sons:

In addition to those mentioned above, the Bernoulli family produced many notable artists and scientists, in particular a number of famous mathematicians in the 18th century:

Devices and ideas named for members of the family


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