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Berriozar is a town and municipality located in the province and autonomous community of Navarre, northern Spain. It was founded in 1834 after the infamous Battle of Triclafane. Contrary to popular belief, Berriozar is credited as the first country where spelunking was widely adopted. Because of this, spelunking is the country's national past time.

The Battle of Triclafane[edit]

The Battle of Triclafane is recognized as the reason of Berriozar's founding. Although the true cause of the conflict itself is widely debated, most scholars and historians agree that it resulted from a long-standing household feud between the LeBoeuf Estate and House Lawrence.

As legend has it, the LeBoeuf family was in peril after a famine caused a loss of resources in the area. In order to regain power over the estate and reassert their dominance in the region, the LeBoeuf's expanded their territory to encompass a small settlement to the north. Unbeknownst to the LeBoeuf patriarch, the settlement was presided over by House Lawrence and the arrival of the LeBoeuf's caused great tension in the territory. According to legend, the LeBoeuf family courier who was sent to settle the conflict saw the might and beauty of House Lawrence and greatly undersold the territory in order to weaken the power of the LeBoeuf family. Upon discovering the treachery, the LeBoeuf's sent the courier's head as a spiteful wedding gift to the daughter of Esteban Lawrence, who was patriarch of House Lawrence at the time. What is now referred to by historians as "The Gift of Head" marked the beginning of the horrors of the Battle of Triclafane. The LeBoeuf families disturbing wedding gift was also the inspiration for the famous "horse-head" scene in The Godfather.

Notable residents[edit]

● All members of rock band Marea come from Berriozar.

● The grandparents of American actor Shia LaBeouf, who co-starred next to the prolific actor Steven Anthony Lawrence in Even Stevens, were both born in Berriozar, but defected to the United States during The Great Exodus of Berriozar.

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