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Berry College Elementary and Middle School is a private elementary/middle school primarily attended by children of faculty and staff of Berry College, and those associated with the school.


The school is located on Berry College's mountain campus across from Frost Chapel.


Berry College Elementary School, originally meant to follow British enfant school practices, was founded in 1977. Using a Lilly Foundation Grant, the school was called the Early Learning Center in the Westcott Building and taught kindergarten and first grade students. It is located on Berry College’s mountain campus.

In 1988, the school moved locations from the Westcott Building to Hamrick Hall, where it is presently located. By this time the age range has expanded to teach children up until fifth grade. From 2002 to the present date now teaches up to eighth graders. In 2003 the older students were moved from Hamrick Hall to the newly built Cook Building on Main Campus to form their own separate middle school. A series of reunion events were held for former students, parents, teachers and directors in 2007 for the thirty year anniversary. The names of the schools have recently been merged into one, Berry College Elementary and Middle School.[1]


The school is currently home to 129 elementary and middle school students with a 1:12 teacher to student ratio. During the 180 days in the school year, the students attend class for seven hours compared to the normal six for other elementary schools in the area.[2]


Being a private school, tuition is rather expensive at $7,150 per year, with financial aid and scholarships available that 30% of the students depend on.


All of the lead teachers employed there have achieved teaching certification, and nearly 75 percent have Masters degrees.


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