Berthold II, Duke of Carinthia

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Berthold I (born c. 1000, died November 6, 1078 in Weilheim an der Teck) was an ancestor of the House of Baden, in addition to being Duke of Carinthia and Margrave of Verona.

On his mother's side of the family, Berthold probably descended from the Staufen, who were counts of Ortenau, Thurgau, Breisgau, and Baar.

Henry III promised his party-follower Berthold the Duchy of Swabia. However, Henry's widow Agnes of Poitou gave the Duchy in fief to Rudolf of Rheinfelden in 1057. Berthold received, as compensation for the abandonment of his claim to the Duchy, the titles to Carinthia and Verona, whereby the Zähringen ascended to the status of a mediatized house. In Carinthia and Verona, though, Berthold was never really accepted as ruler.

Through his enmity with Henry IV, and his favor with Friedrich I, Duke of Swabia, Berthold's claims were in danger. In the end, the Zähringen were able to maintain their position.

Berthold's sons were:

Berthold was succeeded by Hermann I in 1073.

Berthold II, Duke of Carinthia
Born: c. 1000 Died: 6 November 1078
Preceded by
Conrad III
Duke of Carinthia
Succeeded by