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Bertrand Renouvin, born (1943-06-15) 15 June 1943 (age 71) in Paris, is the founder and president of French political movement Nouvelle Action Royaliste. The group aims at restoring constitutional monarchy in France. His orientation is now close to the original Gaullism which originated from the Resistance movement. On the other hand, Renouvin's political positions have been close to the (centre-)left of the political spectrum, hence his support for François Mitterrand.

Renouvin regularly publishes editorials in "Royalist", the semi-monthly of his movement, in which he professes anti-liberal doctrines.

Bertrand Renouvin was a candidate in presidential election 1974,[1] obtaining 0.14% of votes in the first round.

In the presidential elections 1981 and 1988, he supported François Mitterrand, candidate of French Socialist Party.

His knowledge of politics and economics makes him an appreciated lecturer. His many works present our society as sick and propose remedies which he often includes in his editorials in the "Royalist".

Very close to the Count of Paris, Renouvin is close to king Simeon II of Bulgaria and his souverainist Gaullism is the result of more than thirty years of public life, at the economic and social council and the leadership of his neo-royalist movement.

At the time of the last presidential elections (2002), Renouvin chose to support the candidature of Jean-Pierre Chevènement, only souverainist able in Renouvin's view to gather the good will of both left and right for the purpose of regaining France her position in the world. Thus, Renouvin was also member of Pôle Républicain, a committee of different politicians across the spectrum that supported Chevènement's candidature.

Renouvin's father, Jacques Renouvin, was a hero of the French Resistance of World War II.


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