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Beru Atoll
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Beru Island is an island in the Kingsmill Group of the South Gilbert Islands in the Pacific Ocean, part of the Republic of Kiribati. Beru was previously known as Eliza, Francis Island, Maria, Peroat, Peru Island or Sunday.


Beru is part of a larger reef, some 15 kilometres (9 mi) long (NW-SE) and 4.75 kilometres (3 mi) wide at the widest point (NE-SW). The center of the reef is a shallow depression called Nuka Lagoon. The land mass occupies fully a third or more of the shallow reef structure and is positioned mostly towards the northeast edge of the reef. In maximum dimension the islet is 13.9 kilometres (9 mi) long, and varies in width between 0.5 km (0 mi) and 2.9 km (2 mi).

Extensive spit development has created the nearly enclosed Tabiang Lagoon at the north end where mangroves are present. A small lagoon or barachois at the northern tip is surrounded by man-made fishponds, as is a similar feature at the south end of the islet. A 3 km (2 mi) long barachois with extensive mangroves occupies the interior south of Nuka Lagoon. A causeway is present across the inlet mouth and a landing strip is present on the interior flats. The lagoon on the island known as Nuka Lagoon, has a broad passage entering it.

The island is 96 km (60 mi) east of Tabiteuea Atoll and 426 km (265 mi) southeast of Tarawa Atoll and is located near the equator (1°20' S latitude). The closest island to Beru is the island of Nikunau.


  • Rongorongo
  • Tabukinberu


Beru Post Office opened around 1911.[1]


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Coordinates: 1°19′S 175°58′E / 1.317°S 175.967°E / -1.317; 175.967