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Berwick upon Tweed Film and Media Arts Festival' (BFAMF) is an annual celebration of the art of film, set in the historic border town of Berwick-upon-Tweed.

The festival was established in 2005 and is a 'promenade' event using the fabric of the town as its screen, under an overarching theme. Outside projections and screenings make use of the historic town walls, bridges and courtyards. Film screenings use museums, galleries, churches and the local arts centre. A trail of artists’ video installations take visitors into the history and contemporary life of Berwick and venues include the Gymnasium Gallery, Town Hall Prison Cells and Bankhill Ice House. Each year the festival commissions a range of work that will then go on to appear in other international festivals and venues. A range of projects, workshops and education work is carried out with communities in the town and further afield, into North Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. The current team includes Huw Davies (Chair and co-founder), Melanie Iredale (Director), Andrew Ormston and Tamara Van Strijthem.

Every year the festival also hosts the Chris Anderson Award for Best Young Filmmaker, exhibiting short films from young filmmakers under 19 in the Scottish Borders and North East of England with a cash prize for the best. A chance to see the directors and actors of tomorrow with a professional jury attending to decide the winning film.

The festival takes place in mid-September (19 to 23 September in 2012).

Penumbra at the Granary in 2011


The 2012 festival will be centred on the theme Pictures in Motion, an exploration of the relationship between stills photography and pictures in motion. For more information on this years program visit the website here.

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The theme for the 2011 festival was Once Upon a Time, the art of storytelling and fairytales.

This included a spectacular commissioned piece Penumbra: The Long and Peculiar Life of Jimmy Strength by Gareth Hudson and Jack Burton. A 3D projection which lit up the face of the 250-year-old Granary building through state of the art animation. The film was inspired by local legend, Jimmy Strength, more details of his story can be found here.

BFMAF 2011 also featured the world premiere of I am Nasrine, directed by Tina Gharavi of Bridge + Tunnel Productions

Other Films and Events included:

  • The Ice Book / Kristin & Davy McGuire (2010)
  • Looking from a Distance / Paul Grimmer (2011)
  • Tall tales and short stories/ Collection of short including:
      • The Lost Town of Switez / Kamil Polak (2010)
      • Courage / Pilar Mata Dupont (2010)
      • The Hartlepool Monkey / Tom Marshall (2010)
      • The Hunter and the Swan Discuss their Meeting / Emily Carmichael (2010)
      • Boy Brides & Bachelors / Melissa Potter (2010)
      • Winter Poem / Rok Predin (2011)
      • Isle of Lox: The Fruits Electric / Cristian Straub & Leyla Rodriguez (2010)
      • Little Miss Eyeflap (Skylappjenta) / Iram Haq (2009)
      • Mare / Marianna Mørkøre & Rannvá Káradóttir (2011)
  • The Blue Bird / Maurice Tourneur (1918) with live accompaniment from Carl Heslop
  • The Mad Hatters Tea Party / Cecil M. Hepworth & Percy Stow (1903)
  • Hello! How Are You? / Alexandru Maftei (2010)
  • La Belle et la Bête / Jean Cocteau (1946)
  • The Company of Wolves / Neil Jordan (1984)
  • Azur & Asmar: The Princes' Quest / Michel Ocelot (2006)
  • Moomins and the Midsummer Madness / Maria Lindberg (2009)
  • Arrietty / Hiromasa Yonebayashi (2010)

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