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Station statistics
Address 1121 West Berwyn Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60640
Coordinates 41°58′40″N 87°39′31″W / 41.977833°N 87.658683°W / 41.977833; -87.658683
Structure type Embankment
Platforms 1 island platform
Tracks 4
Bicycle facilities Yes
Other information
Opened circa 1916–17
Rebuilt 1921, 2012
Owned by Chicago Transit Authority
Formerly Edgewater Beach
Passengers (2012) 941,114 Decrease 14%
Preceding station   Chicago 'L'   Following station
toward Howard
Red Line
Route map
Purple Line Express
north to Linden
Red Line
north to Howard
Berwyn Ave.
Purple Line Express
south to Loop
Red Line
south to 95th/Dan Ryan

Berwyn is an 'L' station on the CTA's Red Line. It is located at 1121 West Berwyn Avenue (directional coordinates 5300 north, 1200 west) in the southern part of the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.[1] The adjacent stations are Bryn Mawr, located about 38 mile (0.60 km) to the north, and Argyle, about 13 mile (0.54 km) to the south. Four tracks pass through the station, but there is only single island platform in the center of the tracks; Purple Line weekday rush hour express service use the outside tracks but do not stop at this station. Berwyn is named for the Berwyn station in the community of the same name, which is west of Philadelphia. Many of the roads (and thus CTA stations) in the Edgewater neighborhood are named after stations on the former PRR Main Line.[2]


The Northwestern Elevated Railroad extended its services north from Wilson to Central Street in Evanston in 1908, but they did not build a station at Berwyn Avenue until the tracks between Wilson and Howard were elevated onto an embankment between 1914 and 1922. This new station was built to a design by architect Charles P. Rawson; the date of opening is not known, but a station may have existed at Berwyn by 1917.[1] At the time of its opening the station was named Edgewater Beach Station; the name was changed to Berwyn in the late 1950s,[3] around about the time that Lake Shore Drive was extended from Foster Avenue to Hollywood Avenue destroying the namesake Edgewater beach.[4]

The sign of the Berwyn CTA Station

Bus connections[edit]


  • #92 Foster[5]
  • #146 Inner Drive/Michigan Express[6]
  • #N151 Sheridan (Owl Service)[7]


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