Berwyn Mountain UFO incident

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Berwyn Mountain UFO incident is located in the United Kingdom
Berwyn Mountain UFO incident
Location of Llandrillo, Wales.

On 23 January 1974 on the Berwyn Mountains in Llandrillo, Merionethshire, North Wales, lights and noises were observed that were alleged to be related to a UFO sighting.

Both the Berwyn Mountain incident and the similar Rendlesham Forest incident have been called a "British Roswell".[1][2]

Scientific evidence indicates the event was generated by an earthquake[3] combined with sightings of a bright meteor widely observed over Wales and Northern England at the time.[4]

The Institute of Geological Sciences (now British Geological Survey) reported that a magnitude 3.5 earthquake was felt at 8:38 p.m. that night over a wide area of North Wales and as far as Liverpool (also in Formby 13 miles north of Liverpool). It was not immediately identified for what it was, hence the police investigation. However, the magnitude of the shock was such that had it been due to impact, the resulting crater would have been large enough to be easily visible. The unusual lights may have been simply the meteor, but may also have included the phenomenon known as earthquake light.[1]

It was later alleged by "the UFO community" that a UFO crashed, that non-human bodies were found and that the British Government covered up the event.[1] There were subsequent claims that the area was cordoned off by the military while wreckage was recovered. Also, there were reports that the villages in the vicinity were visited by "Men in Black".[1] It was jokingly labelled "The Roswelsh Incident" by The Sun newspaper.[5] The claim that the area was cordoned off by the military was shown by researcher Andy Roberts to relate to a later event in 1982 when an RAF Harrier jet crashed in the area.[1]

The events were recounted in Berwyn Mountain Mystery, Britain's Closest Encounters: Season 1, Episode 1, July 2nd, 2008 - Channel 5

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