Berzdorfer See

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Berzdorfer See
Lake Berzdorf
Location Saxony
Coordinates 51°05′N 14°57′E / 51.083°N 14.950°E / 51.083; 14.950Coordinates: 51°05′N 14°57′E / 51.083°N 14.950°E / 51.083; 14.950
Type artificial lake
Basin countries Germany
Surface area 0.6 km² (2005)
10 km² (planned)
Max. depth 35 m (2005)
70 m (planned)
Settlements Schönau-Berzdorf

The Berzdorfer See or Lake Berzdorf is situated near the southern border of Görlitz in Saxony, Germany. The artificial lake was created out of a former lignite mine — the flooding was finished on 06. February 2013. The planned surface of the lake is expected to be about 10 km². Its name derives from the small village Schönau-Berzdorf to the southwest of the lake. It is expected to be one of the largest lakes in Saxony.

Future plans[edit]

The lake is planned be a tourist site with a harbour for small-sized boats, a beach for swimmers, and dine-in restaurants. Other plans include a camp site and a golf course. An 18 kilometer long scenic route is planned around the lakeshore.

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