Basut-Chay State Reserve

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Basut-Chay State Reserve or Besitchay State Reserve is protected area of Azerbaijan, near the border with Armenia. It was established as a 107 hectare reserve in 1974 for preserving and protecting the rare Oriental plane-tree. The area of the reserve was slightly reduced by 10 hectares in October 1980. The reserve covers the area around the Besitchay of the southeastern part of Minor Caucasus. [1]

Plane trees[edit]

The plane-trees make up 93.5% of Basut-Chay State Reserve area. In average, plane-trees live for 170 years. However, one can come across the plane-trees 1200-1500 years of age, 50 meters in height and 4 meters in diameter. [2]

The Basut-Chay State Reserve is occupied by Armenian forces and does not operate at present.

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